How to Add New Member Name in Ration Card Online / Offline in Uttar Pradesh

how to add new member in up ration card

There is almost no citizen in India that does not know what a ration card is and what its uses are. Reports indicate that more than half of the Indian citizens hold a ration card today and there is more applying and acquiring it in the meantime.

A ration card is considered as one of the most important documents like the voters’ ID card. It grants the cardholder the right to acquire essential commodities at subsidised rates according to the type of card. With all these being told, the ration card does not only serves the above-mentioned purpose it also serves the purpose as an identity and address proof document.

A ration card basically has all the details of the cardholders family members recorded in it. This is one of the key reasons why the ration card is usually used as a document to prove the relation between family members. It is mandatory that the cardholder should add names to his ration card if any new members are added to his/her family and delete the name if any member expires.

Most common reasons for adding new names to ration card are

  1. In case of childbirth
  2. If in case of marriage
  3. In case of adoption


  • In case of childbirth –The birth certificate with cardholders name mentioned on it.
  • In case of marriage – Marriage certificate with cardholders name mentioned on it, or joint bank account passbook.
  • In case of adoption – adoption documents verified and signed by the concerned authority.

There are basically only two methods to add names to a ration card.

  1. Online method an
  2. Offline method

Currently, to add names to a ration card the only method available in Uttar Pradesh is the offline method. Here is the step by step procedure to add a name to a ration card offline.


  • Step 1: Visit the nearest rationing shop or CSC
  • Step 2: Place the request with the staff and request ask for the form for the addition of names to the ration card
  • Step 3: Once the staff provides the form, fill up the form carefully
  • Step 4: On the form, you will be requested to mention the reason for addition of the name. Mention the reason for addition carefully and also attach the copy of the proof document with the form
  • Step 5: Submit the form with the proof documents attached and collect the acknowledgment slip with reference ID for future use.

This reference ID can be used for tracking the status of the application. PS: do not throw away the acknowledgment slip, without submitting or producing the slip the ration card will not be handed over to you.

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